Hello All

So I have been horrible on Blogging but I'm picking it up and starting from the beginning up to present! Enjoy


So we started rhearsals in Oct for the show....We opened at the Apollo in NYC... And the went out od the road. We have been on the road since Dec.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures from Cohoes Dreamgirls

"One Night Only "

" Move me Move me right to the top.Move me Move me Move me right to the TOP!!!"
"Move Move"
" The Dreametts"

Dreamgirls Cohoes...

Before the Apollo.... I was in DREAMGIRLS at Cohoes. I played the part of Effie White. It literally ran till the day before I started rehearsals for the National tour of Dreamgirls. I looked at it as a way to get to know the show before I had to do it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Me

Hey everyone it's Talitha I'm actually going to blog Dreamgirls I was going to do Hairspray but it was all to crazy. So keep checking back for updates. I don't start rehearsing until September 28th so there's not much going on.